Our Process

We start with your inspiration and through a collaborative process we create mindfully crafted structures that are site specific to meet our client’s needs.



The discovery process is where we meet our client and discuss the possibilities of a future working relationship. This includes a free consultation where we conduct a preliminary evaluation of your project to consider logistics and feasibility.

We will review the project scope and discuss budgetary goals. Once we have established this foundation we will move forward to the concept design phase.   


Each project is custom fit for the client. We work with our architects and trusted design professionals to establish your architectural style, review site requirements and discuss functionality and use. 

During this phase we will listen to your ideas and discover your essential needs which will help us determine your budget. This is a great time to discuss green building options, universal design and specific intentions for your project. This team approach creates open communication which leads the client, designer and builder to a path for success. Your plan should be a good reflection of your budget. 

Clients who have the required construction plans for their project will move immediately to the estimate phase.


Based on an approved design and scope we develop preliminary cost estimates for the project. This estimate will provide the client with costs associated with completing their project.

A preliminary estimate reflects the direct and indirect costs of the project which includes unit pricing and allowances for fixtures and finishes. This estimate will provide a clear budget within 10% of the actual construction cost not including revisions or changes.

This will give the client and our team the confidence moving forward towards the construction of your home. 


We review and develop finished construction plans with structural thru sections, electrical schematics, engineering if necessary and any other details required. Our team will obtain subcontractor bids, assist with client selections and finalize allowances.

We provide comprehensive pricing for your project excluding any revisions. Construction plans, specifications and contract documents are signed and ready for construction.

Clients can now take their signed contract and finished construction drawings to the bank to obtain financing if they do not have sufficient funds available.  


Now that the planning of your project is complete, it’s time to build! We will continue to assist in the selection of finishes to keep you on track and on budget.

Whether you are a long distance client or local resident we will keep you informed on job progress so that we can meet the project schedule. We manage all the details from foundation to finishing touches through a collaborative process.



Before we hand over the keys to your new home or renovation we do a final walkthrough to ensure that your project is complete and that you are familiar with all systems.

All product manuals, registrations and warranties are given to the client. We provide a one year warranty on workmanship and materials.  

Welcome home! 


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